Our Approach: promoting sustainable manufacturing processes, work environments and business practices.

Conservation, community, wellness, social responsibility: we view all these as part of a holistic approach to sustainability.  We constantly look for ways to reduce our use of materials, water and energy. We reduce or eliminate sources of emissions, waste, and chemicals of concern at every opportunity. We promote an inclusive culture of caring and community. We provide a workplace that is safe and healthy.

Trendway designs and manufactures products that have a long useful life. They can withstand repeated service, repair, and handling. We utilize standardized product parts and components that remain available to facilitate maintenance, servicing and reassembly. Contact us for end of life information including disassembly instructions and material recovery options.

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Our Company

50 Years of Sustainable, Movable Walls.

Trendway was recognized for commitment for sustainability as early as 1991, with the Michigan Environmental Small Business Award. We’ve been creating Architectural Wall products since the day we were founded. Movable Walls by nature are a sustainable solution, ensuring reduced resource consumption and less waste to landfill. Our TendWall®, Volo®, Access Floor and Clear Wall products have all received BIFMA level® 2 furniture sustainability certification from NSF international. And with SCS Indoor Advantage® Certification on all components, they help address indoor air quality while contributing points for LEED projects.


The Design for Environment review is a mandated part of every product introduction process. Each product is development is reviewed for material chemistry, ease of disassembly, recycled/renewable content, recyclability, water management and energy efficiency.

All under one roof

All Trendway operations are in one Holland, Michigan location. This adjacency not only improves our ability to deliver on time, it creates efficiencies and reduces transport requirements to reduce our carbon footprint.


More light, less energy.

People who work in Trendway manufacturing spaces have access to natural light through exterior windows and skylights. This asset has been fully utilized by investing in state-of-art technology that reduces artificial lighting when there is sufficient daylight, and shuts it off when no one is working at a specific location.

We’ve further reduced energy use by replacing lighting fixtures with LED lamps. These produce superior illumination and reduce lighting energy requirements by nearly 75 percent.

Building a Better World

A commitment to making things better through continuing efforts to reduce waste, energy use and emissions.

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BIFMA Compliant

Many Trendway products meet new industry compliance standards.

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This standard helps Trendway demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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West Michigan's Best an Brightest Companies to Work For 2019

Indoor Advantage® Gold Certified

Best and Brightest in Wellness 2017

BIFMA e3 level®

Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies 2016

Neighborhood Environmental Partners

For more information, download the complete Corporate Sustainability report here.

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