Health, Safety and Community

Employment and benefits.

Trendway people have a caring commitment to help our world be a better place. We design and build great products, but more important, we build relationships of trust with customers, our community and each other. This means prioritizing the safety, health and total wellness of our team, our neighbors and the world community.

We seek to provide a safe, dependable place of employment through sound leadership. We give back to the community year-round with charitable outreach.

Our People are the Company

It's the daily dedication of every member of our team that makes the difference.

Team Work

We count on each other. Work together. And pull for each other through trust, support and mutual respect in a welcoming environment.

Total Wellness

Our wellness program goes beyond exercise and nutrition to include topics like financial wellness and family engagement.


Michigan’s Best and Brightest in Wellness

Many employers provide wellness training. Trendway’s has been recognized with the Elite “Michigan’s 2016 Best and Brightest in Wellness” because ours is unique. The award celebrates companies that are making their businesses healthy, the lives of their employees better and the community a healthier place to live.

We provide the usual classes on exercise and nutrition, but people can also learn about topics like personal finance, mindfulness and family engagement. We’re not just focusing on physical well being, but on the entire human being.


Culture of Safety

Safety is everyone’s business at Trendway. We are well trained and continually reinforced to follow the best safety standards, and we’re challenged to continually look for problems before they happen.

The result is a safety incident rate that’s less than half the industry standard. That’s something to be proud of, but we’re aiming to eliminate every incident.


Who we are.

Trendway Corporation is committed to operating in a socially, legally, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

We mutually commit to treating each other in a respectful, responsive and reliable manner.


Promoting sustainable manufacturing processes, work environments and business practices.

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Building a Better World

A commitment to making things better through continuing efforts to reduce waste, energy use and emissions.

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BIFMA Compliant

Many Trendway products meet new industry compliance standards.

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This standard helps Trendway demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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West Michigan's Best an Brightest Companies to Work For 2019

Indoor Advantage® Gold Certified

Best and Brightest in Wellness 2017

BIFMA e3 level®

Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies 2016

Neighborhood Environmental Partners

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