Workspace Evolution

Protecting What Matters

As we begin to head back into the office, we know things will need to change. Your people and the safety of everyone entering your facilities and offices will be crucial to protect.

The densification of the workplace, lower paneled environments and the open office, while popular over the last decade, do not conform to the new normal. We are learning new things every day on how to make the changes necessary to adapt to be safe. This guide is meant to provide some ideas that take into account, budgets, resources and the level of risk to be managed. We are here to help you make those changes

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Acrylic Screens

Easily convert your open plan office to a more secluded environment with our new acrylic screens. There are many options to choose from to quickly retrofit your space when it’s time to get your team back into the office – safely.

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Retrofit and Reconfigure Ideas

All of our systems lines can be modified by either simple retrofits, reconfigurations and where necessary redesigning the space. Multiple budgets, resources and needs can all be addressed to increase safety.

Movable Walls Solutions

New ideas for dividing space and increasing safety are being explored using TrendWall, Volo and Clear Wall. Larger spaces can quickly and easily be divided into smaller spaces that support social distancing.

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Commercial Grade Air Purifiers

Tackle harmful germs, viruses, VOC’s and odors with AeraMax Pro, a series of commercial grade air purifiers. AeraMax is a perfect solution to clean the air we share and they can be integrated with our movable walls for a seamless solution.

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Surface Materials

The materials you choose to retrofit your current space, or for a new design, will look different and will be based on easy and effective cleanability. We have highlighted materials in our offering that provide more protection and assurance.

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Workspace Evolution Guide

Returning to Work

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  • Flexible and adaptable options
  • Ideas that fit your budget and level of risk
  • We can help customize a solution