Trendway Honors Our Veterans 2019

At Trendway, we believe veterans deserve more than just a single day of recognition each year.  To honor their service and bravery, we have designated the entire month of November to our veteran employees.  Pictured above are some of our Trendway veterans.  Back Left: Trevor Johnson, Bob Blystra, Cory VanderYacht.   Front Left:  Tim Woudstra, John Dinger, Bob Van Den Brand, Tim Schaefer, Robert Hawkins, Bryan Rockford

Not Pictured: Betty Hardin, Monica Hodge, George Strehlau, Tom Dykstra

Meet a few of the veterans currently working at Trendway.


Tim Woudstra – Distribution Tech

Tim Woudstra spent six years in the US Navy, four of which were active duty. He was stationed out of Norfolk, VA on the USS Coral Sea and worked in Supply. Woudstra states that his military experience gave him a “deeper appreciation for our freedom.”


Bob Van Den Brand – Senior Product and Development Engineer

Bob Van Den Brand was in the Michigan Army National Guard for six years. He served in the Mortar Squad and later as Supply Sergeant. His most memorable experience was working with the Secret Service when Gerald R. Ford visited Tulip Time in 1976, “The experience taught me discipline for authority and the ability to work as a team with people from different backgrounds and cultures.”


Bob Blystra – Manufacturing Technician

Bob Blystra served in the Navy as a Nuclear Electrician aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.


Betty Hardin – Sr. Systems Administrator

Betty Hardin served stateside in the Marine Corps as a Courier. Her advice to people considering service is to realize that while it is a good opportunity for education and travel, “it is not always easy to be away from those you love. There may be times that you feel alone, helpless, or afraid… stay safe and know that our prayers are with you.” Veteran’s Day holds a special meaning for her, and she always takes time to try to march in a parade, pay respects at a veteran’s grave and find an older vet to spend time with. “Proud to have been a Marine,” says Betty. “Semper fi.”


Monica Hodge – Sr. Customer Care Representative

Monica Hodge served her country for six years, five in the Air Force as an Inventory Management Specialist, and one as an Avionic Support Specialist in the US Air National Guard. Hodge was stationed in Louisiana, Italy, England, and Panama. Hodge’s advice for those considering service is to take the ASVAB military aptitude test and see if the results align with your interests and then obtain a guaranteed contract for that posting.


George Strehlau – Senior Architectural Products Specialist

George Strehlau served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam years. His ship was the U.S.S Lynde McCormick, San Diego California.


Cory VanderYacht – Distribution Specialist

After five years active Army duty, Cory served three years in the Georgia National Guard. He worked in electronics and computer repair. He was based in Fort Steward, Georgia but was deployed to various locations, including Bosnia, Kuwait and Iraq.


Robert Hawkins – Quality/Continuous Improvement Manager

Robert served in the Army for over 5 years, including as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During this time, he received the Combat Action Badge. Robert gives his military experience credit for refining his critical thinking and decision-making skills. His most memorable experience was helping to rebuild four Iraqi schools and greeting the children with gifts on their first day back. “I hope that it is a day they will never forget,” he says, “because I won’t”.


Trevor Johnson – Manufacturing Technician

Trevor Johnson served in Advanced Special Operations during his 4 years with the Marine Corps. Based in Camp Pendleton, he experienced three tours in Afghanistan and earned two Certificates of Accommodation and 12 medals. Among his experiences were the chance to see 18 countries and a visit to Petra. “I learned the importance of hard work and dedication.”


Trendway’s Veterans

Robert Bylstra  –  John Dinger  –  Thomas Dykstra  –  Betty Hardin  –  Robert Hawkins  –  Monica Hodge  –  Trevor Johnson  –  Bryan Rockford  –  Timmy Schaefer  –  George Strehlau  –  Robert Van Den Brand  –  Cory VanderYacht  –  Timothy Woudstra